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Next Meeting of the Nittany Valley Full Moon HHH

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Always bring IDs, Good humor, thirst and $5.

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Nittany Valley Full Moon HHH
Allentown "Rude Puss" HHH
Erie HHH
Harrisburg/Hershey HHH
Philadelphia HHH
Philly Full Moon HHH
Pittsburgh HHH
Reading HHH
Stan Nats HHH
Terra Porcus Lux HHH
TMI Nuclear Meltdown HHH

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Nittany Valley Full Moon HHH
was founded in 1996 by
Beaver Bam Bam Balls

Nittany Valley Full Moon HHH
2007-2009 Mismanagement:

Tyrant: Eat Me

Relgious Advisor: ???

Former Tyrants & RA's:

Beaver Bam Bam Balls (Tyrant) Ultimate (RA) (96-99)
Ultimate (Tyrant) Chumlee (RA) (99)
Down On Beaver (Tyrant) TuTu Fairy (RA) (99-01)
Aunt Flow (Tyrant) Saab Story (RA) (01-04)
Floppy (Tyrant) Pork Screw (RA) (04-07)


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